Space Rogues Poster

Which Space Rogues Character Are You?

Test constructed by Rain O'Brien - Code and character cards by Michael O'Brien

This test will attempt to determine which role you'd play in an episode of Space Rogues. If you enjoyed it, contact Galtham Films - they may wish to cast you in a part someday!

Never seen Space Rogues? If you have a fast Internet connection (or a lot of patience), see the first episode at MikhailBorg's Movies page.

1. When your captain gives you an order, how do you respond?

What captain? I am the captain, dammit!
Question which way the captain would like it done, spitting out a lot of technobabble in the process, until the captain threatens me.
"Yes sir, anything you want sir, may I kiss your butt, sir?"
Make a wisecrack, then inform the captain that I've already done it.
Bitch about it, moan about it, then die.

2. What is your favorite accessory?

Boots - Men's - Mark 4 - Size 8
Fabulous hair to cover my technology
A last name

3. How do you get out of bad situations?

Complain that you never got the e-mail.
Go into stealth mode and streak.
Use the "But I'm just an ensign!" excuse.
Get groped by the captain, then die.

4. To hair, or not to hair?

I like my hair short, and only on top of my head where it belongs.
"Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming flaxen waxen!"
All over - top of my head, chin, lip, everywhere!
I don't care - it's just digitized light rays anyway.

5. Upon discovering an ancient alien artifact, you...

... have it appraised and attempt to sell it.
... assume it's an evil computer bent on ruling civilization, and attempt to destroy it.
... over-analyze everything about it for no particular reason.
Who cares about a dumb artifact?

6. Your ideal date would be...

... someone who appreciates my wisecracks.
... an evil temptress upon whose coattails I can ride.
Oh, Captain, my Captain!
... a beautiful, smart, sweet, kind, wonderful woman who appreciates the geek in me, doesn't feel threatened by my Palm Pilot, and is named Rain.

8. What happened to question 7?

It disappeared mysteriously off our sensors.
Our society has decided we no longer have need for the number "7".
I don't know. Have you looked in the boot boxes?
It didn't have a last name, so God only knows.

9. If I had a pet, it would be...

... a cat.
... Jenkins.
Pets are an illogical waste of computer time..
Well, the last cute guy I met sure could do some interesting tricks!

10. Will the T.S.E. Mirage make it home?

I'm sure that, one day, a piece or two may make it back.
Yes! My will to kick Murrow's ass will be enough to get it there!.
Yes, if I ever get the hang of these controls.
Why do I care? It's not like I'll be around to see it.

11. Who is your favorite character from Space Rogues?

Janet Vanderdecken
Brion Fields
Kat Watson
Paul Herrera
Jason Wyst
Meara Kyle
Jim Hicks