More Found on my Hard Drive

From January, 2003, this was apparently a site I discovered using an older browser. I should note that I used to keep several browsers including older versions, for various web testing I seemed to find myself constantly doing.

About this site

Greetings, Netscape 4 User.

This site employes the latest in web technologies, including CSS and JavaScript. When Netscape 4 was written, many of these technologies were not fully specified by the W3C, the web standards body. Consequently, many of the pages herein won't appear as we intend them. Netscape Corporation has continued to support the Netscape products. Their latest version as of this writing is 7.01.

We strive to make the site usable and enjoyable with minimal resolution and machine, but we cannot guarantee that the site works with Netscape 4.x. It's too old, and we didn't bother even trying.

Unlike other sites, we won't prevent you from entering the site, but you will not be able to enjoy the site

This site is tested with Netscape Communicator 6.2 on an iBook, as well as many other browsers on Macintosh, Windows and UNIX platforms. The iBook has a screen resolution of 1024x768 - a pretty standard resolution for the industry. If, by some chance, the text of one part of the page overlaps other text or tables, try to reduce the size of the fonts with your web browser. With Netscape and IE on the Macintosh, Command -

Be brave, humble web denizen. The future's not so bad.