New iPhone Oddity?

I’m still using the original 2G iPhone. This is still a viable model, but it has been getting more and more sluggish of late. Usually, this manifests as apps not responding to touches or taking forever to draw up the next screen. I could blame the four e-mail accounts and three calendars that it will sync in the background, apparently any time I bring it out of standby. You’d think iOS could deprioritize those to ensure the user experience is always fluid.

The worst manifestation is the no-answer call. From time to time, I’ll get a call, slide to answer, and the phone will keep ringing as I helplessly watch the call drop to voicemail.

Today I got something new. I answered the call, the phone connected the call (timer started counting), but forgot to turn off the vibration motor. The call disconnected immediately, not by my hand, and I have a voicemail from the caller, so I’m not so sure about the connection.

Even after the call dropped, the phone just kept buzzing. The only way to turn off vibrate was to turn off the phone itself.